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Air conditioning

Whether it’s the dead of summer or you’re prepping for a harsh winter, your HVAC system is extremely important for you to comfortably make it through the seasons. At Chuck White Heating Air Conditioning & Excavating, HVAC is like our middle name. As your preferred HVAC company, we work hard to keep you cool in July and warm in January. Get your air conditioning and heating repair services from us today.

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Air Conditioning Services

Your air conditioning unit can fall victim to a number of issues, whether your home is equipped with a central air unit or a window unit. Chuck White Heating Air Conditioning & Excavating has the expertise to provide maintenance on just about any type of air conditioner. From low refrigerant to frozen coils, we will diagnose the issues and proceed to correct them, allowing you and your family to live more comfortably. 

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Heating Repair Services

Like your air conditioning system, your heating system can falter just as easily if not properly maintained. This can lead to issues beyond your comfort, especially during cold winter nights. Work with us for inspections and heating repairs when you suspect or notice your system isn’t firing on all cylinders, and we’ll pinpoint the issue. From faulty thermostats to overrun heat pumps, our heating repair services cover a broad range of issues that will return your systems to normal operation.

"I highly recommend Chuck White Heating Air Conditioning & Excavation. When he checked our unit he said he would like to install a new one because ours is 24 years old. But he said he would try to fix the problem and maybe we could get a few more years out of it. He did fix it and his prices are reasonable. He is honest and was quick to complete the job."
 - Sheila Byer
"We can always depend on Chuck White and his employees to come when we need them and do a good job. Everyone is so courteous and helpful. Our No. 1 go-to guy!"
- Betty Morris
"The technician was very courteous and knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He answered all of my questions and provided options for me to consider on repairing my unit versus replacing it. His honesty and integrity did not go unnoticed."
- Teresa Kirby

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